Replica watch, I would like to ask: someone has taken it to a watch store, and has it been compared with the original one? So, let’s explain it from two aspects: craftsmanship and movement.

Regarding the craftsmanship of replica watches:

Replica watches are under the current competitive solid pressure, and the manufacturers also have to compare! Of course, the better the replica watch, the more attention it will receive! Simultaneously, in terms of craftsmanship, it is also the most significant gap between the fake watch and the authentic watch.

Let’s start with the Rolex Submariner series. A few years ago, we had a face-to-face transaction with a customer. There was a customer reaction that who wore out his watchband.

After meeting, I found that he was wearing a genuine piece, which was the same model as the replica he bought. I had to touch his authentic watch. The strap is moist and slippery. Although the wear is fierce, the belt has multiple angles. Polished, smooth to the touch, this is a steel processing technology.

For example, the green Submariner, up to now, objectively speaking, the green color of the ceramic ring is a height that all imitations can’t reach. Of course, this is Rolex’s secret craftsmanship. It requires a specific temperature and firing time. The scale is centered on the appearance, and this small detail of the re-engraving is also different.

Here is just a comparison with the green water ghost. Many craftsmanships are different. After all, the processing environment for genuine products is very demanding, dust-free, and the pointers are neat. If you buy a replica, you will find that there are many replica watches. The watch’s hands are either dusty or slightly burrs, caused by the difference in device specifications.

The authentic white gold has never faded, but even if the stamping process is used now, the color is still faded, indicating that it is not a fundamental platinum structure. Although the replica watch is compelling, it is just to imitate the original At the same time, to get close to the genuine, the history of authentic watchmaking is relatively long, and the replica watch is only a few years old.

Regarding the movement:

Take the 4130 movements as an example; the overall movement adopts vertical timing gathering and dispersing equipment, which can start timing instantly and create special functions. The authentic movement has a beautiful structure, all metal parts are exquisitely brushed or polished, and the gems are decorated with precision metal’s artistic beauty.

At present, this 4130 movement is also the best artistry, but if you look closely at the movement, you will find that the polished wire drawing of the movement is not so lubricated, and it always feels a bit mixed. The blue use dance spring density is not as large as the original one, and This is already the best replica watch movement in the market.

Besides, the replica watches 8500 movements of other factories is the same as the space of the screws, but the card degree of the balance wheel is still different. It is not that what cannot plan the replica watch without the card, but the cost is too high—lost the price-performance ratio of re-engraving.

Most replica watches’ movement will have a situation where the error becomes more prominent when the movement time is extended. The condition that the move is okay is caused mainly by the fast and slow hands. The so-called fast and slow needles have many manifestations. The general watch repairer adjusts this device to correct errors. This device is the two long ends of the link to the shock absorber.

Usually, the works and the genuine product are very exquisite and damped, making it challenging to produce displacement. The quality inspection of the natural consequence is rigorous, but the reissue must be weaker.
Simultaneously, many genuine movements are self-molded movements, such as Rolex’s CAL, from the central movement. Movement replica watches imitate the structure of the natural movement, of course, for the replica watches. It is also The conscientious, after all, at this price, but also spent tremendous effort to synchronize the original mold!

To sum up:

Today I made a simple sharing of the comparison between the replica watch and the original. The greatest effect of the replica watch is to spend the least value to experience the genuine. Everyone has their own opinions on the replica watch, and I hope everyone will treat it.

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