This year, Breitling launched the new superocean Luxury Replica Dive Watches. Surprisingly, when the B-word logo was replaced in the whole line of Breitling, the new super-ocean, logo did not change. In the 2019 new style, the logo with wings was used.

The comprehensive quality of Breitling SuperOcean is relatively high, with the certification of the Observatory, plus more than 20,000 public price (steel-shell tape), which is lower than the general price of the same-class brand luxury dive watch, relatively close to the people, so the people who buy it are very More, the circulation capacity is also stronger. In the depth of the domestic mass base, it has basically become a popular dive watch with Rolex Water Ghost, and Omega Sea Horse.

Therefore, this year’s super-ocean update is a major change for all players who like Breitling. The new and old exchanges will bring some changes to the circulation of the super-ocean. So today I want to focus on the new superocean compared to the old models.

Breitling superocean Luxury Replica Dive Watches, why is the superocean not changing LOGO?

The biggest change of Breitling in recent years is to change the logo. Almost all-line watches have changed the logo to a new single B-character. This year’s new superocean did not change, continue to use the wings before the B-word. For the replacement of the logo in Breitling, there is a lot of discussions and guessing among players, such as general table replacement, sports table not changing, and so on. With this year’s super-ocean situation, I specifically asked the veterans of the Breitling and gave a definite explanation.

Two signs of Breitling Luxury Replica Dive Watches.

Players know that a single B-character is actually the earliest sign in the history of Breitling. Later, the familiar wings logo was designed and redeveloped after the Breitling. In this replacement logo, all the watches born in the early years of Breitling, such as Breitling Navitimer, and retro models such as superocean culture (the superocean culture is a design that continued in 1957), have replaced the single B-character. In other words, if it is related to the history of Breitling, it will be replaced by a single B-word logo. And like the superocean, this newly designed watch continues to use the wings LOGO. In a word, the retro historical route is a single B-word; the modern route is the wing sign. What sign is determined by the historical stage of the birth of the watch?

The Breitling New SuperOcean uses the wings logo.

What has changed in the new superocean? This year’s new superocean, compared to the old models, the appearance changes are still very large.

The first big change is the dial. The old super ocean’s disk is very familiar to you. The huge 1 to 12 digital time scale, in the inner circle of the digital time scale, there is a circle of 13 to 24 small numbers. On the outer ring of the dial, there is a circle of digital scales. The old version of the disk looks more complicated. The new SuperOcean greatly simplifies the disk surface, the long strip time scale, and the huge 6, 9, 12-hour markers. The surface is very simple and modern.

Breitling’s new superocean (left) contrasts with the old super ocean (right). The disk surface changes very much.

The Breitling SuperOcean has a variety of sizes from large to small. The new and old panels are on the large size models. In fact, the contrast is not so obvious, and on the small 36 mm model, the contrast is very obvious. Because the 36mm version is small in size, there are too many things on the old disk, and it is quite crowded when it comes to small size. The new disk is also very well coordinated in small sizes.

Breitling new superocean Luxury Replica Dive Watches

The second change in the new SuperOcean is the bezel. We know that the bezel of the old superocean is a rubber bezel. The numbers on the bezel are raised. The new SuperOcean has replaced the new coated bezel. Although I did not write the bezel material in detail on the introduction of the company’s official website, I learned that it should be coated with a new coating on the steel ring. The numbers on the new bezel are integrated into the bezel. Compared to the rubber ring has improved.

Breitling’s new superocean 46mm version, the 46mm model is black plated steel.

The movement of the new super-ocean has not changed and continues to use the Breitling 17 movement, 2824 improved by Breitling. Powered for 38 hours, certified by the Observatory. Breitling replica watches are certified by the Observatory across the board, and Breitling is one of the best in the Swiss Observatory. Therefore, whether it is the Breitling self-produced movement or the universal movement used by Breitling, the quality of the movement is relatively guaranteed. In addition, remind me that the watch quality of the Breitling self-produced movement is 5 years, and the warranty of the general movement is 2 years. The superocean is 2 years old.

Breitling’s new SuperOcean 44mm version is a conventional steel shell.

The very good thing about the Breitling SuperOcean is that it is very full in size. Including 46mm, 44mm, 42mm, 36mm, from the large 46 to the neutral 36, from male to female, all covered, what wrists can be on. The full size of the super ocean is very rare in Luxury Replica Dive Watches. This year’s new superocean has added color, 46mm steel shell black, ordinary steel shell, black plate, white plate, orange plate, dark blue plate, light blue plate, there are many patterns.

Breitling’s new SuperOcean 42mm orange plate and white plate.

To be honest, the price of the super ocean is relatively low in the luxury dive watch. Like the Omega Sea Horse, the World Ocean Timepiece, etc., from the price alone, it is more expensive than the SuperOcean. In general, the superocean is a price-explosive watch, but the configuration of each dive watch is different, the price is high or low, you need to make a decision between the price and the configuration. Now the new superocean is gradually coming on the market. I also watched it on the weekend. Now that the new model has arrived, the amount will increase.

Breitling’s new SuperOcean 36mm white plate.

I think the advantage of the super ocean is that the brand is too hard, relatively cheap and durable. Usually, we wear a sports watch, which is to eat all the way but also to resist. But now some sports watches are more “squeaky” because of material problems. SuperOcean is a kind of Luxury Replica Dive Watches that is very suitable for wearing at any time. It is easy to wear and practical.

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